8.4 Other sectors (Talent Network)

First, one of the reasons for the shortage of Web3.0 talent is the complexity of Web3.0 technology. Compared to traditional internet technology, Web3.0 involves a wider range of technical fields, including blockchain, cryptography, distributed systems, smart contracts, and more. These technical fields require highly skilled talent for research and application. Therefore, cultivating Web3.0 talent takes time and investment, making it relatively difficult. Second, the second reason for the shortage of Web3.0 talent is the relatively slow development of the blockchain industry. Although blockchain technology has made some progress, the entire blockchain industry is still in its early stages and has not yet formed a scaled market. This also makes the demand for Web3.0 talent relatively low, unable to provide enough job opportunities and attractiveness. Therefore, Web3.0 talent is more inclined to choose employment opportunities in the traditional internet field.

Finally, the third reason for the shortage of Web3.0 talent is the relatively insufficient training mechanisms for Web3.0 talent. Currently, most computer majors in universities have not yet involved a curriculum system related to Web3.0, which means that many computer major graduates lack practical experience in the Web3.0 field. At the same time, training institutions and research institutions in the Web3.0 field are also relatively scarce, making it relatively difficult to cultivate Web3.0 talent. To address the shortage of Web3.0 talent, Vorsi needs to take a series of measures to promote the cultivation and development of Web3.0 talent. Vorsi will establish a talent network.

The talent website will be an important part of Vorsi's ecosystem, and according to current investigations, there is no website specifically designed for Web3.0 talent in the world. Vorsi will use traffic and DAO as the underlying foundation and cooperation projects as support to determine the website's goals and scope. We will design an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface so that users can easily browse and use the website and formulate functional planning, including publishing recruitment information, collecting and managing job seeker information, evaluating job seeker skills and experience, providing technical training and career counseling, etc.

To allow job seekers and employers to find each other, Vorsi will establish a talent pool that collects job seekers’ personal information, work experience, and skill information and establishes a rating system based on the job seekers’ experience and skills. At the same time, we need to provide a simple way for recruiters to post job information and help them screen suitable job seekers.

In addition, Vorsi will provide online technical training, guidance, and resources to help job seekers and employers understand the latest developments in Web3.0 technology and applications, improve their skills and professional knowledge, and better adapt to market demand. That is, in the future, Vorsi will cultivate Web3.0 talent through consulting and online and offline training in its branches in various countries, improve the quality and skills of Web3.0 talent, and collaborate with projects that cooperate with Vorsi to output talent to them. We will use Vos tokens for payment and services. As website traffic increases, more people will hold Vos tokens, and consensus will become stronger, increasing the ecological value of Vos and DAO rights.

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