13. About Vorsi DAO

Vorsi is a DAO, and the entire economic format is run by DAO, which means it is more inclusive, open and transparent. According to the entire organizational structure of Vorsi, Vorsi DAO has three levels: Vorsi DAO contributors, Vorsi DAO Governor and Vorsi DAO leaders.

Their rank and status are as follows:

(1) Vorsi DAO contributors: A1-10 level, B1-9 level, C1-9 level, D1-9 level contributors. The main income of Vorsi DAO contributors is contribution mining income, and the mining speed of different levels is different. The higher the level, the higher the contribution index, the faster the mining speed, and the higher the daily Vos income.

(2) Vorsi DAO Governor: At the beginning of the project, only A-level governors are set up. Later, according to Vorsi's global layout, it may be divided into A-level and B-level governors. Governors are mainly contributors with a certain level of enthusiasm for project management, and loyal contributors to Vorsi. They all have the opportunity to negotiate with Vorsi and become Vorsi's governance. Becoming a Vorsi governor will not only obtain faster contribution mining speed, but also receive Vorsi's governance cooperation rewards. The specific rewards will be agreed by the Vorsi promotion team according to the status of the entire global market. How to become the Vorsi DAO governor, Vorsi will develop a transparent and fair mechanism during the project landing process.

(3) Vorsi DAO leader: The leader is the highest level in Vorsi's overall structure, which can be generated from high-level contributors and governors who have made great contributions to Vorsi, and can also be produced through global recruitment. Since Vorsi's project goal is the operation of the entire Web3.0 industry chain, some projects are under preparation and implementation, such as Vorsi's traffic platform operation, exchange operation, AI development and transportation, shopping mall and other landing projects, blockchain development, etc. The implementation of these projects requires talents and more fresh blood to make Vorsi bigger.

Therefore, Vorsi sets up the Vorsi DAO leader system, and the Vorsi DAO leader is an important part of the core team. Vorsi DAO leaders not only enjoy the cooperation rewards of the governors, but also have the decision-making power and benefit distribution rights of the entire Vorsi operation. Vorsi's future operations will most likely be owned by the leader. Specifically how to become the leader of Vorsi DAO, Vorsi will develop a transparent and open mechanism during the project operation process.

In terms of the equity distribution of Vos Token, Vorsi has reserved 20% of the funds for Vorsi DAO contributors (individual huge contributors), Vorsi DAO governors and Vorsi DAO leaders. Currently, Vorsi Singapore and the original organizer only allocate 10% of the fund.

Vorsi Singapore is the first DAO leader organization to join the Vorsi team and become the core. Vorsi's Singapore website and the contribution mining system of the entire Vorsi blockchain ecosystem are developed, launched and maintained by Vorsi Singapore. Vorsi's blockchain mainnet is already in preparation, and has reached a preliminary agreement with Dr. Pamela Russell, Alex Biryukov, etc., who will be responsible for the development of the blockchain mainnet. Russell is an authoritative doctor in the field of encryption algorithms in the world. During his doctoral period, he published a new algorithm "The Philos Trust Algorithm: Preventing Exploitation of Distributed Trust." on IEEE. Layer sharding network, multi-chain interconnected blockchain network.

The team profile in the following section is the collaborators we are looking for.

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