4.Challenges facing Vorsi Web3.0 Academy

We aim to establish a decentralized, fair, and shared ecological economic system, providing an open, transparent, and decentralized environment to achieve safer, more efficient, and fairer economic transactions. However, there are challenges in achieving these goals.

Web3.0 uses blockchain technology to achieve decentralization, but the performance of blockchain is an unavoidable issue. Currently, mainstream public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can process only dozens of transactions per second, which is very inefficient compared to centralized payment systems. If Web3.0 wants to achieve more efficient transactions, it needs to solve the performance issue. There are already some new blockchain technologies, such as blockchain 3.0 technology, that improve performance through parallel processing and consensus mechanism improvements, but these technologies still need further development.

The decentralized nature of Web3.0 makes privacy protection of data more difficult. In Web3.0, all data are public, including transaction records and smart contracts, which brings risks of hacking attacks and privacy breaches. To address this issue, new technologies need to be developed to protect user privacy. Currently, technologies such as zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and multiparty computation are widely applied, but these technologies still need further development and improvement.

Web3.0 needs to deal with a massive amount of transactions and data, so a highly scalable architecture is needed to meet future demands. Currently, some new blockchain technologies have started exploring solutions for scalability, such as sharding technology and sidechain technology, but these technologies still need more research and practice.

The decentralized nature of Web3.0 isolates different blockchains from each other, making data exchange between them very difficult. To realize the value interoperability of Web3.0, interconnectivity between different blockchains is needed. Currently, cross-chain technology has gained widespread attention and application, but these technologies still need more improvement.

To address these issues, the authoritative technology team of Vorsi Web3.0 Academy in the Web3.0 field will establish a complete mechanism to provide our DAO with the latest and cutting-edge project information and collaborate with these projects.

In addition, after the formation of a complete industrial chain economic system by VorSi Web3.0 Academy, we will conduct mainnet mapping, and our mainnet is also under development, aiming to establish a stable decentralized multichain bridging network with the global Vorsi Web3.0 industrial chain as the landing scenario.

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