8.2 Vorsi Web3.0 Exchange Board

The Web3.0 exchange is one of the most important infrastructures in the Crypto world, allowing users to trade in a secure and convenient way. Currently, there are some well-known centralized exchanges, including Bitcoin exchanges Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and so on. These exchanges all exist as centralized companies, and they gain huge profits in market trading.

The Web3.0 exchange is a major DAO traffic entry point of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy. Therefore, the exchange will become an important pillar industry of the Vorsi Academy. However, unlike current exchanges, Vorsi has innovative mechanisms that set it apart from others. The VorSi exchange is not controlled by a centralized company but by DAO leaders, and the equity of the exchange belongs to the DAO.

Vos will become the universal token of the Vorsi Web3.0 Exchange, and we will adopt more cash and token destruction mechanisms based on DAO member consultations in the future to ensure that Vorsi belongs to a deflationary state. At the same time, to ensure DAO rights, the Vorsi Exchange adopts a mechanism of transparent equity allocation, making the DAO the true owner of the exchange. In the economic model, if you stake 500,000 Vos for more than three months, you will receive the exchange platform's revenue, equivalent to owning real equity in the Vorsi Exchange. Therefore, how do you obtain corresponding equity returns if you own equity in the Vorsi Exchange?

Vorsi will adopt a new equity distribution mechanism, as described in the figure above. The trading volume of the Vorsi Exchange is transparent and traceable. The Vorsi Academy will calculate the platform's total revenue by multiplying the daily trading volume by 0.2%. After deducting 40% for platform maintenance costs, all other revenue will be distributed to DAO leaders through smart contracts based on their staked addresses.

Furthermore, to promote the development of the exchange, Vorsi will negotiate with DAO leaders to implement innovative and special rebate mechanisms, making DAO leaders the true owners of the trading platform.

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