6.The full economic ecosystem of Vorsi Web3.0

The above text introduces the prospects of Web3.0 and the problems we face. I think everyone can have a good expectation that the development of the Web3.0 field is a global trend and cannot be stopped. Currently, we are still in the early stages of participation, and there is more time to benefit from it because less than 2% of the world has been exposed to Web3.0, similar to the early days of the Internet. Therefore, as an upgraded version of Web2.0, it is destined to have a broader future.

Therefore, what is the positioning, products, and ecosystem of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy? Next, we introduce the main positioning, products, and ecosystem of Vorsi Web3.0:

The positioning of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy is building the world's first Web3.0 academy in the future because, according to our research, there is currently no product like ours. The Vorsi team has strong SEO capabilities and the means to promote Vorsi 3.0 Academy globally, so more people can participate in the DAO construction of the academy. We will establish a Vos token to support the development of the academy's full economic system. Vorsi has a complete full-industry chain economic system, specifically divided into the following sectors:

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