8.3.5 Vorsi AI

TensorFlow is an open-source software library originally developed by researchers and engineers from the Google Brain Team. TensorFlow uses a data flow graph for numerical computation, with nodes in the graph representing mathematical operations and edges representing multidimensional data arrays (tensors) that flow between them. Its architecture is flexible, allowing computation to be deployed to one or more CPUs or GPUs in desktops, servers, or mobile devices using a single API. TensorFlow provides multiple APIs, with the lowest-level API, TensorFlow Core, offering complete programming control. Higher-level APIs are built on top of the TensorFlow Core and are often easier to learn and use. In addition, higher-level APIs make repetitive tasks easier and more consistent across different users, with high-level APIs such as tf.estimator managing datasets, estimators, training, and inference.

Vorsi AI is built on the open-source TensorFlow platform, and we have already deployed the project. Vorsi AI is an AI technology ecosystem aimed at simplifying human-led tasks, reducing creative work, transactions, text generation, and ultimately, more time demands.

Vorsi AI will offer the following products and services to customers:

Image generation

Text creation

Command-line trading

Automated online shopping

Device management and security

3D modeling

Drafting of blueprints for basic architecture design

Automated video and image editing Vorsi AI's native blockchain uses learning transaction verification.

The Vorsi Web3.0 Academy, with a powerful DAO as its underlying foundation, believes that Vorsi AI is the primary choice for people to purchase AI services, and service buyers do not need any technical knowledge. The platform used by Vorsi AI is very user-friendly, with many intuitive features designed for nontechnical savvy customers, such as detailed tutorials and step-by-step guidance for use in all fields, including implementation and customization.

Furthermore, Vorsi AI's prices are very affordable compared to those from low-end suppliers, so no matter who provides the necessary resources, the budget can remain consistent.

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