3.Vorsi Web3.0 Academy established

The Vorsi development team is composed of world-renowned university PhD teams. Vorsi promotes and disseminates Web3.0 knowledge and investment information to global customers in the most popular and accessible way possible. We will establish Web3.0 branches in every country around the world, with countless DAO under each branch.

The Vorsi Web3.0 Academy aims to be the first gateway for people to enter the Web3.0 world. Vorsi is not a company but a DAO. The Vorsi Web3.0 Academy has a complete ecosystem, and all assets and rights belong to the DAO.

The Vorsi Web3.0 Academy will establish a complete ecosystem, create a new user interaction platform, and benefit everyone who participates in the DAO. The following diagram shows the organizational structure of Vorsi resources, and the following text will introduce the ecosystem of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy's resource organization.

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