8.3.6 Vorsi AI Ecosystem

The Vorsi AI service platform uses Vos tokens for payment, making it the most important ecosystem of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy. DAO leaders are the core managers and stakeholders of Vorsi AI users. In addition to serving customers worldwide, Vorsi AI establishes small teams under open source organizations led by DAO leaders. The payment fees of AI users under these small teams, excluding the platform maintenance fee of 30%, are distributed back to the small team leaders as 70% of the revenue.

Furthermore, regarding the entire AI service platform, Vorsi will adopt the most transparent method, where all payment transactions will be made in the form of Vos tokens. Vorsi will publish the revenue address on the AI client and mainnet service platform, which can be monitored by anyone. Seventy percent of the income will be distributed back to DAO leaders, and 30% will be used for platform maintenance fees.

Therefore, how will the distribution back to DAO leaders work specifically? After research and establishing an economic model, Vorsi AI has stipulated that anyone holding 500,000 Vos tokens or more and pledging for more than three months will have a share of Vorsi AI like a shareholder. The weekly income will be automatically transferred to the account of DAO leaders through a smart contract.

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