8.1 Vorsi traffic plate

The ecosystem of Vorsi Web3.0 Academy has been introduced, and the first section is the traffic section. The traffic section is the data foundation of Vorsi. After market research and investigation, there is currently no organization in the world that focuses on a very promising industry such as Vorsi for Web3.0. As Web3.0 is still in its early stages, according to the population ratio, less than 2% of the world's population is currently involved in Web3.0. Therefore, from a macro perspective, Web3.0 has a broad space, so the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy, which is positioned globally in advance, will face an explosive opportunity.

Vorsi has currently partnered with many countries, and our partners all have strong marketing and operational capabilities. With the establishment of branch campuses in various countries and the formation of DAOs in each country, we will have a steady flow of traffic.

Therefore, how does Vorsi's traffic section generate revenue and distribute it? Our platform has SEO, collaborative malls, Web3.0 collaborative projects, DAO, and DAPP entry traffic. VorsSi Academy will operate comprehensively and matrix-like to build the world's first Web3.0 knowledge think tank, providing convenient entry for more people to participate in Web3.0. Vorsi uses the Vos token as the value circulation. In the entire traffic ecosystem below, except for 40% as maintenance costs for the team and foundation, 60% of the economic benefits of the entire traffic system will be fed back to the leadership team of the DAO in the form of smart contracts.

The above figure shows the equity distribution of the traffic segment of Vorsi Web3.0 Academy. In the entire industry chain system involved with Vorsi Academy, Vos tokens are used as the payment method for all business activities, providing strong liquidity for Vos tokens.

According to the figure above, how does Vorsi Academy provide feedback on equity income to each member of the DAO? In the future, the Vos tokens earned on the Vorsi platform will be governed by a transparent system. For example, project cooperation and advertising revenue will be publicly disclosed in the form of smart contracts, and the revenue address will be public and searchable. By pledging more than 500,000 Vos tokens and holding them for at least three months on the Vorsi platform, the holder of the address will become the equity owner of the Vorsi Academy platform and receive daily or weekly platform income returns. Vorsi will airdrop the revenue back to your account.

To maintain the circulation and value storage of Vos tokens, Vorsi has preliminarily cooperated with multiple exchanges, and Vos will be listed on multiple exchanges in the future to ensure sufficient liquidity for Vos tokens.

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