8.3.1 AI introduce

Artificial intelligence is a manifestation of human thought processes and intelligence that can be used to interact or perform tasks at a higher rate of efficiency. Al systems are typically designed to learn from the requests provided to them, develop better responses, and improve the quality of Al products.

Most Al developed for or currently available to retail consumers is designed for artificial execution of tasks, conversations, or informational purposes. As the next major technological advancement for humans, Al is gaining much traction with its core concept of streamlining workflows in an effort to improve productivity. As Al takes on writing, creativity, imagery, transactional assistance, and many other functions, the growing demand for information and services can be met. Most retail consumers have access to Al that runs on command-line input, with instructions given in text or voice-to-text format.

The programming and data collection of these Al systems create an emergency database of learning behavior. Vorsi AI Labs intends to expand this form of command-line instruction by integrating services into a closed-loop secure system through APIs. This will allow for command-line transactions without the need for script language knowledge, the use of automatic checkout systems (address and payment options need to be set in advance), the generation of images, the creation of short- or long-form texts in various styles, and many other future use cases.

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