7.0 About Vos Token

Vos is a circulating token created by the ecosystem of Vorsi Web3.0 Academy and is an indispensable part of the entire ecosystem. It serves as the payment tool for the entire economic system of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy's entire industrial chain.

To balance the rights and interests of the DAO, we conducted research through a dynamic economic model. The Vorsi DAO will create a total of 2.1 billion Vos tokens to support the entire economic system of the Vorsi Web3.0 Academy. To encourage broader participation and ensure the fairest development of the entire ecosystem, the Vorsi DAO will allocate tokens as follows:

Venture capital funds account for 5%, 0.105 billion Vos. Well-known investment institutions such as Ausum Ventures, Brass Tacks Ventures, Chaintechplc, Bitkraft Ventures, NGC Ventures, Amber AI, Hashed, etc., have expressed interest in participating. Institutional investments are locked for 5 years, with linear releases each year from year 1 to year 5.

The operating team accounts for 10%, which will be locked for 5 years and released linearly.

The technical team accounts for 5%, which is locked for 5 years and will be released linearly.

Airdrop accounts for 5%, with a linear release over a 36-month lock-up period.

The Vorsi DAO contribution mining accounts for 75% ,1.575 billion Vos tokens. In order to expand community consensus, as long as you participate in the Vorsi ecosystem and become a member of Vorsi's DAO, you will contribute to Vorsi. You can contribute to mining through the Vorsi platform and you will receive Vos token income every day.

The Vos token contract will pass network-wide review, and the tokens will be stored in the 50-button signature vault on the BNB smart contract chain or the ETH chain, and Vos tokens will be used to launch Vorsi Global's business in advance, such as Vorsi Exchange, Vorsi Mall etc.

In the future, Vorsi Global will transition tokens to the Vorsi Global blockchain mainnet.

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